About me.

Data strategist, leader, writer and major Geek, based in Melbourne, Australia


Creative Data Strategist and respected senior executive with a proven track record of innovation, leadership and execution of both high-level strategies and real-world delivery of complex transformational initiatives in highly competitive commercial environments.  Deep experience in International cross-cultural business relationships and operations.

I am fluent in the power & potential of Data & Analytics, understanding and embracing all the opportunities and competitive advantages the data-enabled enterprise can bring, ranging from to top line revenue growth to bottom line process efficiencies.

My experience in distilling and clearly communicating complex, multi-dimensional concepts at all levels, from C-level executives to individual team members, allows me to build trust and confidence in transformations and new approaches that are otherwise considered “blue sky” or inherently risky.  I also stay involved and connected to ensure not only successful delivery but also continuous operational improvement.

Leadership Philosophy

Culture is critical, motivation is vital, execution is king.  I believe in a clear focus on achievement, where everyone knows that we are all expected to achieve excellence and that contributions as part of the shared mission will be recognised and valued.

As a leader I see my role being very much around focus on outcomes-based performance, while motivating, empowering and supporting them: creating a sustainable, positive and effective culture of efficient execution, responsible risk-taking and intra- & inter-team trust.


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